The mission of the Cogniva Information Science Research Institute (CISRI) is to explore the role and nature of information in complex organizations and to investigate new approaches and methods for modelling organizational information flow, monitoring information compliance and designing semantic technologies. The Institute intends to act as a centre of excellence and a catalyst for collaborative, interdisciplinary research. By supporting and networking talented minds from academia, industry, and public institutions, CISRI aims to expand the horizons of information science through its innovative and pioneering research.
CISRI’s primary goals are:


  • -to sustain and enrich the digital information industry with new discoveries and approaches to information and knowledge management;
  • -to provide leadership on complex challenges posed by the information economy in the production, use, sharing and preservation of its vast and growing body of digital content;
  • -to support information science researchers and students  in universities by providing research facilities, technologies and grant funding;
  • -to foster collaboration between researchers, software designers and industry players on complex and multidisciplinary issues;
  • -to bridge the gap between theoretical research and pragmatic application.

CISRI’s three-year goal is to develop a comprehensive three-stream report and vision statement, supported by institute research findings, that will provide direction to the information management strategies employed by Canadian institutions and industry. With a greater understanding of the role of information within organizations, these institutions will be better equipped to develop efficient and effective information management strategies.





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